Type हिन्दी in Java…

Hey Friends,

you know every character has its Unicode value.

Before Unicode, there were many language standards:

  • ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) for the United States.
  • ISO 8859-1 for Western European Language.
  • KOI-8 for Russian.
  • GB18030 and BIG-5 for chinese, and so on.

In unicode, character holds 2 byte, so java also uses 2 byte for characters.

lowest value:\u0000

highest value:\uFFFF

Now lets talk about Hindi language. We have unicode value for all the characters in hindi language.

You can download .pdf file for hindi unicode.

Here, you will find this, Capture


You can check unicode value under every character. for exp. for क , unicode value is “\u0915”.

Now, just write unicode for the character you want.


public class HindiTypingDemo {
public static void main(String[] args) {


Output is : हिन्दी

You can try this with other language too, you just need unicode value of characters.

Feel free to ask any query. enjoy coding 🙂



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