Project Topics

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Web Based Projects

  1. Tourism
  2. Matrimonial Site
  3. Complaint Forum
  4. E- Discussion Forum (Online queries and replies)
  5. Carpool (car sharing website)
  6. Shopping Cart Application (E-Gift Shoppe)
  7. Job Portal
  8. Event Planning (Marriage, Corporate,Birthdays,Musical Events, Personal- kitty Party etc.)
  9. Internal Mailing System
  10. Real Estate (Sale/ Purchase, Rent of property)
  11. E- Quiz
  12. Helping Desk (Donate)
  13. E-bidding
  14. Download Zone- Songs/ Ringtones/ Wallpapers
  15. E-Renting (Rent products online)
  16. Social Networking Site
  17. Online Cakes/ Sweets or anything
 There are lots of topic. There is no limit. Let’s CODE…

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